5 Ways To Avoid Bridezilla Syndrome

5 Ways To Avoid Bridezilla Syndrome5 Ways To Avoid Bridezilla Syndrome5 Ways To Avoid Bridezilla Syndrome5 Ways To Avoid Bridezilla Syndrome5 Ways To Avoid Bridezilla Syndrome5 Ways To Avoid Bridezilla Syndrome5 Ways To Avoid Bridezilla Syndrome5 Ways To Avoid Bridezilla Syndrome


We’ve all heard the term “Bridezilla”. Wikipedia defines the term as “a generic term used to describe a difficult, unpleasant, perfectionist bride who leaves aggravated family, friends and bridal vendors in her wake. A bridezilla is obsessed with her wedding as her perfect day and will disregard the feelings of the family, bridesmaids and even her groom in her quest for the perfect wedding.” You’d never be a Bridezilla of course. Would you?! Weddings can cause even the calmest bride to act somewhat unusually but we want you to enjoy your bid day to the max so we invited wedding planner extraordinaire, Bernadette Chapman of Dream Occasions, to provide some top tips to avoiding Bridezilla Syndrome…


Something happens once a women becomes engaged, occasionally slowly but at times instantaneous, regular normal brides turn into ‘Bridezilla’. Symptoms can include bouts of selfishness, controlling behaviour, mood swings and compulsive meticulousness.  Although the symptoms disappear after the wedding (but don’t get me started on post wedding blues) it is important to make every effort to avoid the onset of BS before your nuptials, in order to maintain healthy, happy relationships with friends, family and your fiance. Following are my 5 ways to avoid BS.


1. Call in the professionals

Hiring a wedding planner is no longer seen as a luxury but more a necessity for many couple, especially those working long hours or residing in a different location to the wedding. As a nation many of us employ professional staff to release some of the stress in our life, just think how many people now have cleaners, stylists or gardeners. So if you want a wedding organised perfectly with a variety of spreadsheets to view the progress then a wedding planner is your first point of call.


2. Delegate

Everyone loves a wedding and sometimes you can discover hidden talents among your friends and family. Use that talent to your advantage. Can someone shortlist suppliers for you to approve? Or maybe someone can type names and addresses for the invitations and possibly even track the RSVP’s? Any good ‘manager’ will confirm you need to hand over some tasks, its impossible to do all alone and a wedding is no different.


3. Smile sweetly

As soon as you announce your engagement friends and family suddenly become an expert on weddings, everyone will have an opinion they wish to share with you. It’s best just to laugh off comments and not worry about people’s perceptions of what you should or shouldn’t do.


4. Nothing is perfect

Even the most meticulous planning won’t prevent a freak thunderstorm from happening or the wedding car breaking down. Realise that there are things beyond your control and when situations arise, accept them with grace and humour. Leading up to and on your wedding day, things can – and often do – go awry; just go with it.


5. Don’t forget to live your life

There is a world outside of your wedding so don’t let it consume your life and that of your fiance. Ensure you have one weekend per month with NO wedding commitments, arrange for romantic weekend breaks to remember why you are marrying each other and have a wedding ban after 9pm so no internet browsing and no arguments about the wedding after this time. Socialise with friends and family and don’t talk about the wedding unless they ask you, no-one likes a wedding bore!

Contact Bernadette if you’re looking for a wedding planner at  www.dream-occasions.co.uk

All images – Steve Gerrard Photography

Steve says – “None of these brides were in any way affected by Bridezilla Syndrome” 🙂

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