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Wedding stationery comes in so many styles these days, from simple and elegant to funky and colourful. We love both, as long as they’re done with style. We came across Twenty-Seven recently and were instantly won over by their classy yet contemporary designs. So we invited Twenty-Seven’s Emma to give us her thoughts on what brides should be considering when it comes to all things stationery…


1. How did you get started and why specialize in wedding stationery?
I started out as an art director and worked in advertising. I loved the job but knew it was not forever. I was typically asked to help with a couple of friends wedding stationery and it really did all start from there. I had so many ideas and got so much enjoyment out of creating beautiful stationery, I decided to see where it would go. I never imagined at that time Twenty-Seven would become so popular and win awards! 🙂

2. Why Twenty-Seven?
I chose the name Twenty-Seven because I wanted to steer away from the obvious wedding type names that were so often used. It was my age when I set up the business and also turned out to be the age when I got engaged too.


3. How do most of your clients find you?
We are really lucky to get a lot of work through recommendation but many brides find us by searching online. We are often featured in top bridal magazines which helps too.

4. How far in advance should people be planning their wedding stationery?
We get asked that all the time! You can never order too soon, there is nothing worse than turning brides away because it is too late to fit them in.

Save the dates are often sent out up to (and sometimes over) a year in advance. It makes a lot of sense if you are worried family/friends might book a holiday that weekend.

As for invitations, etc – I would recommend at least 6 months before the wedding.


5. In what ways have your designs evolved over the years?
The very early Twenty-Seven designs were all very different and this was to get a clear idea of what brides expected from us. We now offer a range of beautiful, classic, simple, elegant stationery.

6. What types of products do you offer?
Our full range includes : save the dates, wedding invitations, evening invitations, reply cards, order of service/order of the day, menus, place cards, table names/numbers, table plans, guest books and thank you cards.


8. How do you work with the client to make sure you create the ideal stationery for their big day?
It is important to be as friendly and helpful as possible. Some orders are really straight forward but we love a challenge. If someone gets in touch and is not sure exactly what they are looking for, we try and help out to make their life as easy as possible, giving them one less thing to worry about.

9. What advice do you give to your clients when thinking about their stationery?
Speak to us!
Really, enjoy every minute of your wedding planning! You will know when you have found your stationery, it will just feel right. Choose something that suits your style, if you don’t normally go for glitter and feathers – why start now. If you like simple, elegant stationery, get in touch.


10. Do you use any unusual materials or production methods?
All of our materials are sourced carefully, looking for quality in each and every piece.

11. Is there one design you’re particularly proud of?
That would have to be the classic design. Very simple and really popular. I designed this as my own wedding stationery so it’s great to see that others love it just as much.

12. Ever had any celebrity wedding clients?
Couldn’t possibly say.


13. What’s the most unusual request you’ve received?
We have created stationery for a couple of repeat customers. It was lovely to have them back, just surprised!

14. What’s next for Twenty Seven?
Continue to create beautiful wedding stationery.
We always keep up to date with styles and trends so are sure to add new designs in the future.


For more information visit the Twenty-Seven website at www.twenty-seven.co.uk

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