Bakery Bliss!

For today’s post I have found one gorgeous, scrummy recipe so grab your notebook and a pen and get ready to scribble….

1) Take one gorgeous bakery

2) Mix in a generous helping of

3) Add your wedding (hen party, birthday, tea dance can be used as an alternative)

4) Sprinkle some delicious flavours such as ’24 carrot’, ‘what a lemon!’ and ‘mint condition’

5) Serve to all your guests with a huge dollop of smiley faces and happy tummies!…


Ann Marie who founded The Urban Bakery gave us a bit of info about how she got started on this sweet road of pure heaven… 🙂

I started the urban bakery in July 09 with my focus solely on cupcakes for the first 6 months as I didn’t want to dilute my offering in the early stages (jack of all trades and the like!!). I wanted to offer a boutique bakery experience as you are getting a premium product that is very beautiful at an affordable price. My passion for cupcakes stemmed from many trips to New York and sampling the very best the city had to offer. I have been operating for just over 7 months and in that time I have been busy supplying cupcakes for weddings, birthdays, parties, photo shoots and more. I was contacted by Vogue Magazine and am featured in their March 2010 issue so am very proud. I have had quite a good deal of press that has been very surreal as they found me! This has included The Daily Express, BBC Midlands Today (9 Feb 10), Period Living Magazine, BBC Coventry and Warwickshire Radio, local press and various blog features.


We’re also excited to hear of a pretty exciting collaboration…. I have just added a new offering to the urban bakery which is ‘vintage party’ where I work in collaboration with myvintageparty where we offer an authentic vintage party for weddings, hen parties, parties, tea dances and loads more.  We anticipate these will be a big hit as it is building on our already great offering, so combined we can create an experience that is somewhat unique to the area.

If you would like to find out more about this fab duo then click on the link and be prepared for your taste buds to start twitching!

The Urban Bakery so gets our vote!!  Yummy!!!!!!!

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