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Wedding Videos That ROCK!

We are so excited to show you these videos! Here at Bridal Soup we are always looking for new, original and fun ideas for weddings, and the guys at Lockdown Projects have set the bar high in all areas. Simply click Play on these videos and you’ll soon realise why we love them so much. […]

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Inject Some Soul Into Your Wedding Reception

Choosing a band for your wedding reception can be a tricky job. They may sound fantastic on their website but how do you know that they can really do the business on the night? Will they whip the crowd up into a frenzy and have everyone dancing til the wee hours? It’s an important part […]

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Welcome Bags

Wedding planner Zoe Lingard tells us about a unique idea which is guaranteed to make your guests feel even more welcome at your wedding as well as making the event all the more memorable… One trend I’m seeing a lot this season & one that is especially popular if guests are coming from across the […]

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How To Prepare Your Guest List and Seating Plan

Kelly Chandler is Director of the UK Alliance of Wedding Planners and, as such, knows a thing or two about how to plan a successful wedding. So who better to offer some advice on the often tricky subject of who should be on your guest list and where to put them when they arrive? Kelly […]

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Brides Wanted For New TV Show

ITV are looking for UK brides who are getting married between 25th April and 21st June of this year who might be interested in taking part in “Four Weddings“, a brand new wedding show for Living. In each episode four brides will attend each others’ wedding, experiencing everything that the special day has to offer […]

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5 Ways To Avoid Bridezilla Syndrome

We’ve all heard the term “Bridezilla”. Wikipedia defines the term as “a generic term used to describe a difficult, unpleasant, perfectionist bride who leaves aggravated family, friends and bridal vendors in her wake. A bridezilla is obsessed with her wedding as her perfect day and will disregard the feelings of the family, bridesmaids and even […]

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Weddings Are The New Rock ‘n Roll!

Kat is a 24 year old wedding obsessive and blogger from Reading, UK. Her Rock ‘n Roll Bride blog promotes individuality and general awesomeness in a cookie cutter, pastel pink, poufy dressed wedding world. Kat says “Don’t let the wedding industry define your day -“ let *you* define your day”. We couldn’t agree more! Kat […]

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Choosing The Right Music For Your Wedding Day

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. How about something modern? Are you struggling to find the perfect live music for your wedding day? Maybe traditional wedding musicians don’t really float your boat. Maybe you want music that has the same quality and class of a string quartet or harpist – but something more […]

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Sage, Inspired By Life

Becky Sage launched her company, Sage, Inspired By Life to indulge her “weakness for beautiful and unusual things”. As you can see below she has impeccable taste! So we’ll leave it to Becky to help you indulge a little yourself when thinking about your wedding gifts. You can find out more about Becky on her blog. […]

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Welcome to Bridal Soup

Hi folks, it’s Steve Gerrard here welcoming you to Bridal Soup, an exciting new blog developed with my good friend and fellow wedding photographer, Emily Quinton. Bridal Soup has one simple goal – We want to introduce you to some of the coolest, most creative, cutting edge wedding vendors in the Uk and beyond, and […]

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