Ceremony Music – Decisions, Decisions..

Ceremony Music – Decisions, Decisions..Ceremony Music – Decisions, Decisions..Ceremony Music – Decisions, Decisions..Ceremony Music – Decisions, Decisions..Ceremony Music – Decisions, Decisions..Ceremony Music – Decisions, Decisions..Ceremony Music – Decisions, Decisions..Ceremony Music – Decisions, Decisions..


Hello again, Charlie here from Mango Acoustic Duo.

Having sung at over 200 weddings with Mango, I know all too well that one of the most challenging things for a couple to do, is choose their ceremony music. Choosing the right music is very important as it accompanies all the major parts of the ceremony and sets the mood for the wedding. The songs you choose could be; songs you simply like, or songs that have some meaning to you both!

There are many websites out there to help choose your music and give you some ideas. Also, you can get inspiration from other brides in wedding forums such as youandyourwedding.co.uk.


If you are having live music, perhaps talk to the band about your ideas. We, as Mango, have an extensive repertoire from different eras and genres that suit a lot of musical tastes. So many couples find the songs they love from that. However, we do offer to learn a special song for our couples as this personalises their music choice. For example, we have many couples that have asked us to learn songs that fit in with their theme. One Bride had a Grace Kelly themed wedding and asked us to learn”True Love” from the film High Society. Not only did it fit in with the theme, but was the Bride’s late Grandmother’s favourite song and extremely personal to the family. It was a fantastic song to play as we knew it meant so much to them.

We get asked to learn all sorts of different songs from the Kingsmill Bread advert song (Lucky To Me) to the Smashing Pumpkins song “Tonight Tonight”. If like us you love music, choosing which tunes to have can be great fun and will hopefully come together beautifully on the day.


If you don’t know where to start, then help is here!!
We suggest to our clients that they choose between 5-6 songs as your guests are arriving. This sets the mood for the ceremony, they needn’t necessarily be soppy love songs, but perhaps songs that mean something to you which you enjoy listening to. (Brides remember that you won’t be there at this point!)

Choose one song for the processional – remember to think how long your aisle is. If it’s very short then the chances are you’ll be at the altar before the song really gets going! Maybe have the song play a bit before you make your grand entrance or, if you have a lot of bridesmaids, perhaps send them in before you, in order to maximise the length of the song. Your live band will be able to tailor the song to the length of the aisle. However, if you are using recorded music and are a bit technically minded, you can always edit the song to the right length. Windows movie maker is quite good to do this – you can add fade ins and outs to the music too. Also, as daft as you might feel – try practising walking along to the music. You can get a feel for the pace of the song and you can work out what part of the song will work best. Perhaps do this when no one is looking!!

Signing of the register
Choose two songs for the signing of the register. I always suggest to my clients to choose one main song and a back up song – just in case people are still taking photos.

Choose one song for the recessional – and again, think of your aisle size. Chances are you will both be down the aisle before the intro has finished. As with the processional song, a live band can tailor this for you. Why not have a bit of fun with this one? Choose something that could turn heads, or maybe even make people giggle. We knew a couple that chose the Wallace and Gromit theme tune!


You may already know that if you are having a Civil ceremony, then the music can’t contain any religious content. Your registrar will be able to vet all the songs you choose and will inform you if any are unsuitable.

I wish you all the best in choosing your ceremony music.
Have fun deciding, and have a great wedding!

Charlie xxx

To book Mango for your wedding (or just to get some good song ideas!) visit our website – www.mangoacoustic.co.uk
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