Welcome to Bridal Soup

Welcome to Bridal SoupWelcome to Bridal SoupWelcome to Bridal SoupWelcome to Bridal SoupWelcome to Bridal SoupWelcome to Bridal Soup


Hi folks, it’s Steve Gerrard here welcoming you to Bridal Soup, an exciting new blog developed with my good friend and fellow wedding photographer, Emily Quinton.

Bridal Soup has one simple goal – We want to introduce you to some of the coolest, most creative, cutting edge wedding vendors in the Uk and beyond, and hopefully help and inspire you to make your wedding fantastic in every way possible. We know so many great wedding people and we’re meeting new ones all the time and you’ll get to hear all about them right here at Bridal Soup.

Emily and I have photographed some amazing weddings over the years and we’re always on the look-out for new ideas and ways to make a wedding unique. We aim to update the blog constantly and help you to take that picture in your head of the perfect wedding and turn it into reality. And then some!

Expect to see gorgeous real life weddings, incredible dresses, beautiful stationery, scrumptious cakes, stylish wedding favours, stunning photography, hard-to-find details, eco-friendly weddings, unique ideas you would never have thought of, the latest trends and so much more.

We encourage you to bookmark us, follow us on Twitter and join us on Facebook and, of course, get in touch if you have a supplier you love or if you would like to contribute and add your own unique flavour to the Soup. This is just the beginning folks. Thanks for stopping by.


Many many thanks to Bryn at Growing Kenneth Design Services for all his hard work constructing the site with us.

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