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Probably the first thing your wedding guests will see when it comes to your wedding is the invitations, so why not impress them early with a unique and creatively designed invite. There are some great people out there doing stylish, contemporary invitations but one of our favourites is Zenadia Design. Based in California, but attracting clients worldwide, Zenadia is the brainchild of Heidi Jimenez who was inspired to start her company after designing the invites to her own wedding 6 years ago. We chatted to Heidi about all things inviting…


1. How did Zenadia Design come about and how long have you been around?
I always thought I wanted to work for a magazine designing layouts, however when I was married in 2003 and designed my own wedding invitations, I knew I had found my niche in the world of design. I love designing invitations because it gives me the ability to incorporate layout design as well as typography, two of my passions in design. As I’ve grown in the world of design, I’ve also found a love for using not only paper, but fabrics, flowers, beads and anything imaginable on invitations. I really enjoy creating a complete couture piece and take a lot of my inspiration from fashion.

2. Where did the name come from?
I made the name Zenadia up. When I was taking graphic design in high school, we had an assignment to come up with a design studio name and identity. I wanted something completely different; something that people would remember for being unique. Thus the name and logo were born.


3. What products do you offer?
Zenadia Design specializes in coordinating all of your paper products for your wedding. Invitation, escort cards, programs, menu, thank you notes, weekend events, rehearsal dinner invitations.
We can also create one of a kind party invitations, baby announcements, moving announcements, personal stationery and business cards.
In addition to custom work, we also offer a line of ready made invitations and note cards, available through our etsy shop.


4. You offer custom made invitations for couples. How does that usually work?
Since we are creating something exclusively for each client, the process starts out with a conversation. We want to know all about your plans for your event and just get to know you.  After the conversation, we begin the design process. At this time we start to develop ideas for your invitation. The great thing about custom work is that the possibilities are endless! When we present the designs to you, you don’t have to pick one design in particular. We can combine elements from each design to make one design and so forth. Once we’ve settled on a design, the proofing process begins. After you sign off the final proof, printing and assembly begins. Once this is complete your order is ready to be delivered! At Zenadia, we strive to make the design process as fun and stress free as possible.


5. When do you advise clients to order their wedding invitations?
With custom work its never too soon to get started! I always advise brides the sooner the better. Custom work can take anywhere from 4-6 months, and you typically mail invitations out 6-8 weeks before the big day, so you would want to get stared at least 6-8 months before your wedding.


6. Do you have any favorite projects that you’ve worked on?
I actually really enjoy working with all my clients. I love getting to know them and being able to design something completely personal and unique. However, one of my favorite projects was a surprise party invitation I did for my husband. The invitations were designed to give the receiver a feeling of being a “secret agent”. The first piece to send out was the top secret envelope. I wanted all of my husband’s friends to be able to attend the party, so I sent out a “top secret assignment” to everyone, asking them to pick which date best fit their schedule. Next to go in the mail was the actual invitation, complete with “Agent (recipients last name)”, to really give the invitations that personal secret agent feeling. The invitation was in the form of a spiral bound book with all the details, map, and parking directions.


7. How do you feel wedding invitations have changed in recent years?
I think traditions are being thrown out the window, and couples are wanting an invitation that pushes the envelope and is completely personal for them. At Zenadia Design we believe the invitation is a piece of history that should be cherished for centuries to come. Our goal as a couture invitation designer is to create a piece of history for each client. Something that is personal and reflects who the people are as a couple. When generations down the line look back on their family’s wedding invitation, we want them to be able to see their ancestors personality reflected in the invitation, as well as the feeling or theme of the wedding day. As our company tag line says “creating history just for you, which is exactly what we do.


8. Do you ship worldwide?
We sure do!

9. Whats next for Heidi and Zenadia?
We will continue to provide exclusive one of a kind invitations for our clients, as well as maintain our high level of customer service. In addition, we’re always adding new collections to our line of ready to order invitations, as well as stationery. With our ready to order invitations, you get the same great Zenadia Design style with a quicker turnaround time than custom work.

10. Any other tips or suggestions for brides?
Have fun! Your wedding (planning and the big day) was meant to be fun. After all, its one of the biggest events in your life so make sure you take some time to enjoy every minute. =)


See more at Zenadia Design’s website at

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