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Rachel from Planet Cake introduces us to her chickens and has some advice on choosing your perfect wedding cake.


I trained in Design and interiors but also have a love of the sweet and delicious. After years of creating beautiful rooms I decided to turn my hand to cake making. I have an eye for detail and my creativity knows no bounds.

Having now been in business for 5 years, my cakes have graced the pages of many top bridal magazines, as well as being devoured by over half of London.


I recently took on my own brood of lovely free range chickens. They lay the lovely eggs that go into my cakes. They get way too much love and attention from me and have even started to learn how to get through my catflap! I make them special dinners of broccoli with sunflower seeds to make the yolks extra yellow.

In the picture below is ‘Mable’.


I work from my home workshop in Streatham South London where I invite all potential clients to come and vist me and the chickens. We then taste cake and talk over designs. All of my cakes are bespoke to the client and designs are evloved in the studio by looking at the style, colours and theme of the Wedding.



When deciding the style and design of your cake, I would advise choosing an element that is current throughout the wedding. A colour, theme, flower or illustration. A good cake designer should be able to take that element and create a cake exactly for you.

I would say, never be afraid to experiment or go against tradition. The cake should make a statement and not only be a visual wonder, but taste good too.


My ‘Hint of the day’ would be, always taste the cake first before you book your cakemaker. It might look nice on the outside but what a waste if it tastes rubbish! And make sure the caterers serve the cake correctly. There is nothing worse than a big pile of crumbs on a platter. Laid out in individual pieces is so much more stylish…..that way it all gets eaten!


The wierdest cake I have ever been asked to make was for a couple who got engaged in New York wanted me to do the Statue of Liberty! I made the castle like base in the end and they supplied a large plastic person to go on top. Not a typically ‘pretty’ cake but they loved it!

I was also asked to make a five tier trifle cake which I decided was structurally impossible due to the nature of custard…..and I once did a cake with ‘Sponge Bob Square Pants’ on the top.

Every cake is a work of art and I am very passionate about what I do, exercising a strong attention to detail. It’s important to me that my service is extremely personal and it is me that deals with every detail, right down to the delivery.


Planet cake made it to the finals of the British Bakery Awards this year and are very proud of this acheivement, congratulations!

Visit to see more of Rachels cakes and get in contact with her.

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