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The no-nonsense guide to stationery for the modern wedding and civil partnership

Suzanne from Prettywild Stationery lets us in on the secrets for great wedding stationery. Bridal Soup love her modern and contemporary style, so have a read and check out her stuff.

Save the dates

Following trends in the US, these have gained in popularity in recent years. Sent a year in advance, save the date cards are particularly useful to prepare guests if the Big Day falls at a peak holiday time, is weekday celebration that will require guests to book time from work or if the destination involves a significant journey and possible overnight accommodation for most guests. I recommend sending them to daytime guests only. Encourage the recipient to keep it handy by sending a fridge magnet style or a tie-on tag.



I like to think of the invitation as the “ambassador” of the event. Not only will it inform the guests of the details but it should whet the appetite for the day you have planned, reflecting its tone and formality. They can provide the perfect link for a theme or colour scheme.



We advise sending them around 3-4 months before the wedding date. Traditional etiquette deemed it 6 weeks but realistically it will depend when your venue needs to know the final catering numbers by. Set an ‘RSVP by. . .’ date or some guests may not reply till the last minute or not at all! Ensure you give one to each of the bridal party too – they are wonderful keepsakes.



We get many queries from couples who worry about choosing the correct wording style but like most stationery designers we will happily suggest suitable text to suit your circumstances. Traditionally weddings were hosted and financed by the parents of the Bride but modern weddings and partnerships often have different dynamics to consider – couples paying for the wedding themselves or joint contributions from both families, hosting from extended families – we can cater for all circumstances.

The fun part…

Long gone are the days when wedding stationery suppliers were restricted to a few dusty albums depicting hearts, rings and horseshoes – there is now a huge and gorgeous wealth of pattern and design to choose from. When researching stationery websites bear in mind that many individual designers and companies will happily adapt their styles to suit, particularly in colour, for example: we will print match to fabric swatches if requested and change embellishments. So don’t worry if you do not see the exact design at first look – tweaks can be made, we positively encourage customisation!



Often we are approached to create bespoke concepts for a celebration with an individual theme – a recent example was a wonderful Alice in Wonderland styled wedding we were commissioned to design for, resulting in a whimsical booklet invitation complete with intricate keyhole and silver-plated key detailing. We are currently working on a stationery suit portraying otters for a Scottish Loch venue!





Bear in mind when picking a format that it is relevant to the amount of information you need to send. If your guests require overnight accommodation or the venue is in an unfamiliar location consider providing your guests with a little information cards with the invitation – portfolio or booklet style is ideal. RSVP cards can be included too. Don’t forget to factor postage costs – anything thicker than 5mm will incur a large letter stamp.



Welcome to our celebration…

On the day stationery is a great way to continue a theme and bring together a whole look of a room. Colours from flowers or motifs can be picked out in details on place cards and menus.


An extravagant table plan can be both a talking point and a lovely keepsake. Think about ways the stationery can work for you and create interesting formats. An order of service booklet can be an opportunity to print a dedication to loved ones, thank the bridal party or provide a timetable of the day. Table numbers can double up with menus. Place names can be made as tags, to be tied to chairs and glasses. Perhaps use a wishing tree centrepiece – encourage your guests to write a special message on their tags to tie to the foliage and retrieved later for an album of memories.


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