Are you wanting to add some bespoke and exclusive finishing touches to your wedding outfit(s)? Do you want to be the bride who’s being copied, not doing the copying? Well, you really need to look no further as Bridal Soup has put you on the guest list for a very exclusive club. We spoke to Nikki from Rainbow Club and she told us all about the beautiful shoes and accessories they have been creating and selling for more than twenty years.


Rainbow Club was set up in 1985 with just a small dyeable collection of shoes at three different heights. They all came in a base colour of ivory and then we just applied any colour under the sun to them. Then one of our distributors said, “Do you know these will make great wedding shoes?”, and then the company just grew from this one question. We stopped just making plain dyeable shoes and started creating great bridal shoes that could be dyed too. We are now the biggest European bridal shoe manufacturer and have some great strong distributors and agents in Europe as well as Australia too.


There are many ways our clients can get in touch with us; we have a great presence online, on blogs and in magazines, but first and foremost, we have over 700 stockists in the UK who talk about our brand to their brides and get the word out. The time it takes to provide the perfect shoe will all depend on the bride’s requirements. We have a full in-stock promise, so if a bride knows exactly what shoes she wants straight away, she can order directly from a stockist and have the shoes delivered within 3 working days.


We are always evolving the collections to reflect the bride’s needs. It’s very important for us to keep working on comfort, style and versatility so that a shoe not only looks great, but it feels great too. We have also become very fashion-driven with shoe styles that reflect what’s popular at the moment and this mean bridal shoes don’t have to be ‘safe’ or ‘traditional’ unless the brides really want them to be.


We develop our collections based on what our stockists are asking for, then we take the raw collection out to a variety of stores and talk to the staff and the brides about it to make sure they are perfect before they’re launched.


We find that our sky high platforms are always a very popular style but this year it’s all about sparkle. So we have three different varieties and on many different styles. Lace is also such a popular story and we like to think we do this rather well and very elegantly. The Hassall brand is always the main show-stopper for us at Rainbow Club. Diane Hassall, our designer who worked with the original Jimmy Choo, designs her brand by seeking inspiration from vintage satin flowers, beads, organza and thick, creamy ivory velvet and we are always amazed at what she produces. It’s girly and pretty but amazingly elegant and all of us here have at least one pair of Hassalls on our wish lists!


We also offer accessories including headdresses and bags. We have a veil factory in Wales who handcut our Joyce Jackson range. It’s all done on site with British fabrics and can be completely bespoke. Brides often don’t realise that they really can have anything their hearts desire.



Rainbow Club values every customer and will always to remain discreet so we simply cannot share all our celebrity secrets but we were very lucky to be asked to make and hand colour the royal wedding flower girls’ shoes (style: Abigail). We have also done a variety of other celebrity shoes and although we cannot say for whom, we are currently hand dyeing a certain celeb’s bridal party shoes which include seven bridesmaids and four flower girls all in a glorious pastel green.


We sometimes receive some off the wall requests and we often have some unusual colours in the dyeing studio. We once had twenty five pairs of luminous orange, 4-inch heels come through and they looked like a fleet of little soldiers standing on the tables drying! We even sometimes get requests for 2 left feet shoes, which always puzzles us!



In the future we plan on bedding in our shimmer and sparkle collections and then we’ll continue to look into new fabrics to add to our collections. We also have a great collection of shoe clips we are developing that are 100% dyable, so its all about adding extras to your lovely shoes to make them uniquely you!


Thanks to Nikki and congratulations to Rainbow Club as they were highly commended in the Perfect Wedding Awards 2012.





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