Rock The Frock

Rock The FrockRock The FrockRock The FrockRock The FrockRock The FrockRock The FrockRock The FrockRock The FrockRock The FrockRock The Frock

Bridal Soup are big fans of what we like to call ‘Rock the Frock’. It’s a great way to get creative and do something a bit different with the dress of you dreams!

Wedding and portrait photographer Andrew Dobell tells us about one of his recent Trash the Dress shoots and the results, as we’re sure you’ll agree, are fantastic!



It goes by many names but the idea is the same, a photo shoot in your wedding dress, before or after your wedding.

Known most commonly as ‘Trash the Dress’ shoots – although that’s a bit of a misnomer as the idea isn’t necessarily to ruin the dress- these shoots have been around for a while, their origins varying depending on who you talk to.




The shoot came about from wanting to do something a little more edgy and off the wall really, and knowing of an abandoned building not too far from me, I just had to put together a shoot. The girl in the dress is Diane, one of the makeup artists I work with who expressed an interest in doing a shoot with me. I have done other Trash the Dress shoots with couples which have also produced some great, creative results.

I believe it’s important to continually push your photography and try new things which can then be used for clients. I’m not sure how many couples would like to wander round a derelict building in their wedding gear, but hopefully the photos speak for themselves.



You can be as wild or as tame as you like, you’ve invested a lot of time, money and emotion in your dress so why not get your money’s worth!


Check out other Trash the Dress shoots from Andrew at his website

Photographs by Andrew Dobell Photography

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