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Sage, Inspired By LifeSage, Inspired By LifeSage, Inspired By LifeSage, Inspired By LifeSage, Inspired By LifeSage, Inspired By LifeSage, Inspired By Life

Becky Sage launched her company, Sage, Inspired By Life to indulge her “weakness for beautiful and unusual things”. As you can see below she has impeccable taste! So we’ll leave it to Becky to help you indulge a little yourself when thinking about your wedding gifts. You can find out more about Becky on her blog.


Traditional wedding lists are all well and good if you are flying the nest for the very first to time to marry and set up home together, but what if you have been living together already for many years and already have all of the knives and towels you could wish for?

You may decide to do as I did and have a traditional wedding list with BRAND new pots and pans replacing those-perfectly good and really rather new- ones I already had, and you may decide you want a full traditional bone china dinner service – but let’s be honest – who formally entertains these days?


Several years down the line yes I have beautiful knives, pots, pans and everything I could possibly wish for (including a rather fabulous coffee machine and gorgeous cutlery service which I will love forever), but the things which still warm my heart and remind me of that special day are the unique pieces of art, one-off ceramics and home accessories which I know won’t wear out, go out of fashion and will be part of my life forever.

So; my one word of advice while you are planning that fairytale wedding (you lucky things. what I wouldn’t give to be able to re-live my gorgeous day all over again) is think carefully about your gift list. Guests find buying towels so terribly boring and very often go off-piste anyhow (sometimes with alarming results), and it really is so much nicer to fill your new life with beautiful things which you will love forever.


Think of that amazing original work of art you KNOW you could never afford, maybe everyone could chip in? Consider seriously whether you really do want a formal dinner service which you may dust down annually for Christmas or whether you would rather invest in a beautiful range of everyday dinner and serve-ware like our beautiful (and insanely durable) Wonkiware {link to follow} which can bring you pleasure every day.

Our Gift Registry is not yet available on line but if you are interested in listing any of our products on your own Gift List please don’t hesitate to get I touch and I can talk you through the options available.

Oh, and congratulations by the way, you are going to have the most amazing journey!

Becky Sage


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