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Shoot The DressShoot The DressShoot The DressShoot The DressShoot The DressShoot The Dress

“What a waste!”, people say…. “to only wear your wedding dress once and then leave it to the moths in your cupboard” 🙂

More and more brides are now opting for a post-wedding session where they have the freedom of time, choice of locations and limitless creative options, resulting in a collection of gorgeous images to really show off that amazing dress you love so much.

One photographer offering this service is Chanelle from Segerius Bruce Photography..


Trash The Dress was coined by the US photographer John Michael Cooper and there have been many reincarnations if this idea from Rock the Frock, Cherish The Dress,  Next Day Bridal, Mess The Dress and our version: Shoot The Dress. Call it what you will, the aim is to achieve highly creative images that would not be possible on the actual wedding day.


Sessions can take place the day after the wedding or even a few months down the line. For the most part the aim is not to ruin the much loved wedding dress, but rather to show it off in the best and most creative possible way (and if the dress gets a bit soiled during the shoot – then so be it). I haven’t had a session where the dress is not recoverable after a dry clean and I have done a next day shoot in a forest as well as a creative shoot around Paris in my very own gorgeous gown from Jenny Packham Bride.


Sessions can be just the bride or both the bride and groom. The “in the ocean” shots tend to suit destination weddings due to obvious temperature restrictions in the UK for most of the year, but if you plan your shoot for the height of summer there are some gorgeous costal locations available around Devon and Cornwall that would suit this sort of thing.


Bounce ideas around with your photographer to see what you come up with. Shoot the Dress can happen in all sorts of locations: urban, rural, ocean, farmlands…. the options are only limited to your imagination!



All images Segerius-Bruce Photography

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