We have a stunning wedding in a spectacular location today thanks to London wedding photographer Rahul Khona.

Suneera & Faizal trusted Rahul from F5photography to capture their day at Azul Fives Resort in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. We asked Suneera to tell us all about their day…




How did the two of you meet?
I met Faizal over 7 years ago through mutual friends. I knew he was the one when we would play footsie under the table at our friend’s weekly poker game.

Where/how did he propose?
Faizal Proposed on our 4 year anniversary and it was suchhhhh a surprise. He re-enacted everything from our first date and we spent an unbelievable day at the Hard Rock Hotel getting spa pampering’s, champagne cabana pool side, the works. While walking to dinner downstairs at the Palm Steak House, Faizal conveniently walked me through the garden . He proposed on a beautiful bridge overlooking the water…and of course I said yes! While crying somewhat hysterically walking back into the hotel trying to call my parents and his family- we walk into the steakhouse only to find all of our closes family and friends yelling ” CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!” . Again, another surprise and yet again i was balling uncontrollably with happiness






What made you fall in love with the venue?
Azul fives is just gorgeous. Its small enough where you have a boutique hotel feel to it and you can be surrounded by your entire guest at all times! We had almost 200 guests at our wedding and pretty much occupied the whole resort. It was perfect.

Describe your outfits:
I had a total of 7 outfit changes. We had 5 total events. 2 in Orlando and 3 in Mexico. I changed on my Pithi day 2x and on my wedding day into 2 different gowns. Each outfit was hand selected and custom ordered with of course a different look, and lots of fun head jewels!




What was the theme for you day?
My style was vintage and classic. Chandeliers market lights. Rose and Blush undertones over ivory and white. Gold accents. Market lights. White elevated dance floor.

What did you have as centrepieces?
We had a lot of details especially on the table. Rahul captured them so amazingly. I LOVE flowers so we were heavy on the tall floral centrepieces mixed with candelabras and floating candles throughout the table. The table had elegant table numbers that were framed in gold frames, with gold charger holding a menu card and a pearl box filled with candies. In front of the charger was your custom seating escort card each with a personalized compliment.. example Rahul Khonna ( You look great by the way! ) or Nirjary Desai ( Love that dress on you !)

What was your favourite decoration?
Chandeliers and all the little details.




How did you arrive to the venue?
We arrived under umbrellas lol

Describe the venue as you walked in:
I was in shock. It was so beautiful and it was a contingency plan so I wasn’t sure how it was going to turn out it came out so beautiful and just 10x better than what I would have imagined. It was just perfect.

Describe how you felt:
Overwhelmed with joy to marry the most unbelievable man I know- also to be surrounded by ALL my favourite people.






What were your favourite little touches to the décor?
My wedding style was all GLAM and VINTAGE! Color pallet was rose and blush tones over Ivory and White. I wanted chandeliers…everywhere. I wanted detail detail detail from our Mason jar table # escort cards, to the personalized seating chart on the table I didn’t want to miss out any detail and make the entire weekend unforgettable from start to finish. We had life size cartoon cut outs for our step and repeat on the first event night, an amazing fun welcome bag filled with tons of goodies, personalized cd , every night had a gorgeous explanation card to explain the ceremonies to all guests etc. etc. Oh for our guest sign in we had 2 different boards to sign one was a Cowboy’s themed one ( for my fave team) and one was a dolphins team guest sign in ( for Faizal’s favourite )





Describe the food/canapés:
Food was unique every night. For Thursday we had Mexican/Thai/Indian Cuisine and was an international menu since it was the first day. 2nd day was all out Indian with dishes such as kabobs, samosa, biryani, karai chicken etc. (we had passed apps and signature cocktails every night) Saturday it was a 4 course plated meal. Passed Hours’deorvs for cocktail hour with signature cocktails), and dinner options for steak, chicken or vegetarian. Dessert was of course wedding cake… classic Mexican wedding cake (soft butter white with strawberry compote)

Tell us a touching/funny story from the speeches:
Your most memorable moment(s)? Our youngest cousins put together an unbelievable video that described mine And Faizal’s relationship. From shopping at the mall to working. They ended with an original song they made called “It’s the time.” It left me laughing, crying, and totally speechless. BEST WEDDING GIFT EVER!





What planning tips can you pass on to brides-to-be?
Everything will work out. Just trust your team and have fun!

Any other notable incident from the day?
Our first dance. It’s when we really soaked it all in. We danced to just hold on were going home by drake. (not your cliché romantic old-school jam,.. but faizal LOVES drake. it was my way of letting him know how much I value his interests and likes just the way he cares for mine.

Where did you go on honeymoon?
We ended up staying a few days afterwards in playa Del Carmen… but our real honey moon will be in March when we can take 2-3 weeks off and do an awesome trip to either Greece, or Italy.





Ok so a huge thing about our wedding was that it was a 200 person destination wedding. Every one that came was there to celebrate with us and just have a blast. Faizal and I are blessed with the most unbelievable friends and family who really do party like rock stars. When we arrived the weather was HORRIBLE. And when i say horrible… i mean a brides worst nightmare. Our Thursday event (Mehndi/Pithi) was Indoors – so we were safe. Maybe the weather would get better tomorrow. Nope. Rained every single day. As a bride i really did not let it get to me because in all honesty – 200 of the most important pal in our lives were here to celebrate our big day with us and our families… and I had to ensure that they had the best best best time possible . We had an unbelievable team who put together contingency plans for Friday and Saturday (KisCubed Events and Occasions by Shangri-La). None of our guest knew the difference. We partied every night until 3 am dancing until our feet fell off… (Thanks to DJRad our DJ and Sumeet Virk on Dhol). The dance party was epic. Knowing how much fun our guest had…rain our shine…is what truly made our wedding so special and in many guests words “the wedding of the century”.

Ok yeah so that’s what I would like to share. I am still on such a high from the wedding i could literally talk about it all day. ! Call me if you have any more questions!

Oh one more thing. OUR VENDORS ROCKED. F5photography. To die for. He is so talented… it’s ridiculous. Our same day edit by Ryan Rodinis… just wow … biggggg shout out to them! (Also …because we didn’t get to take a ton of classic wedding day pictures due to the rain… Rahul from F5 suggested we take it all in and do a trash the dress the next day in the Mexican cenotes. The pictures from the shoot came out incredible and I’m so glad we did it!)

pps. That’s all now 🙂




Wedding Planners: Kis Cubed Events
Photography: Rahul Khona at F5photography
Catering: Nawaz Shalwani ( Chef & Owner Lal Qila Restaurants)
Décor: Occasions by Shangri-La
Outfit(s): Custom
Florist: Occasions by Shangri-La
Cake: Azul Fives
Hair & makeup: Alberto Ortiz
Band/DJ: DJ Rad ( Asif Noorani) Dhol by (Sumeet Virk)
Video: Ryan Rodinis


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