The Most Unique Wedding Dress – In Black?

The Most Unique Wedding Dress – In Black?The Most Unique Wedding Dress – In Black?The Most Unique Wedding Dress – In Black?The Most Unique Wedding Dress – In Black?

You should know by now that we at Bridal Soup like brides who don’t feel the need to play by the rules. We’re not saying you should break the rules for the sake of it, but we think brides should make their wedding day as unique as possible and inject their own personalities into the occasion. Rosie Parsons tells us one way to really make an impact and add something unusual to your wedding…


Last year everyone thought red wedding dresses were the most unique thing ever, but now it’s really not that unusual. And black bridesmaids dresses are seen at lots of weddings. But what is still extremely unusual is a black bridal gown. Can black be a stylish wedding dress colour or is it something no sane bride would ever go for, however offbeat they may be? If you’re not going for a gothic look can you really get away with wearing a black wedding dress?

On Monday a small group of creative UK wedding vendors and myself got together to do a unique bridal shoot in a Bristol skate park. With Haruka modeling an awesome black dress, red crinoline, red heels and black birdcage veil we had all the kids skidding to a halt on their skateboards to stare!


I love photographing unique and inspiring weddings, but I’ve never been asked to shoot a black dress before. I thought rather than wait and twiddle my thumbs for those special brides to come to me, I would set up my own shoot and show brides how cool it can be. I liken it to an artist getting an idea in their imagination and then wanting to translate that to canvas. I’m the same with my shoots – I start with an idea and it snowballs from there, usually very quickly as I get really excited about every project! I need to have a strong concept, something that will inspire and provoke a response in the people that see the images. I’ve certainly had a lot of comments about this series!


The team who worked with me on the shoot were all from the Bristol area, where I am also based. I specifically chose people who have the same ethos of being unique in this sea of wedding-sameness. Bella & Fifi provided the wild, locally grown bridal bouquets, Sarah Brock – the award winning makeup artist from Daniel Sandler was on hand to create beautiful smokey eyes and Becky Simpson perfected Haruka’s stunning hair.

What do you think about black wedding dresses? What about a black wedding dress and white tux for your groom?

All images by Rosie Parsons


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