Weddings Are The New Rock ‘n Roll!

Weddings Are The New Rock ‘n Roll!Weddings Are The New Rock ‘n Roll!Weddings Are The New Rock ‘n Roll!Weddings Are The New Rock ‘n Roll!Weddings Are The New Rock ‘n Roll!Weddings Are The New Rock ‘n Roll!Weddings Are The New Rock ‘n Roll!Weddings Are The New Rock ‘n Roll!Weddings Are The New Rock ‘n Roll!Weddings Are The New Rock ‘n Roll!Weddings Are The New Rock ‘n Roll!

Kat is a 24 year old wedding obsessive and blogger from Reading, UK. Her Rock ‘n Roll Bride blog promotes individuality and general awesomeness in a cookie cutter, pastel pink, poufy dressed wedding world. Kat says “Don’t let the wedding industry define your day -“ let *you* define your day”. We couldn’t agree more!

Kat will be contributing regularly to Bridal Soup so keep checking back for some inspirational ways of making your wedding your own.

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For my first Bridal Soup post I was going to write a mass exodus of all the joy and fun I had planning our own wedding, hopefully passing some tips and tricks that I picked up along the way.  However (and you will soon learn this about me) I am not a girl of few words I can seriously rattle on and on and on…so I’ve decided to break the rambling up in to easily digestible chunks (like those revision guides – remember them from your school days?!)

First of all, lets get one thing clear: want my story to aid and hopefully inspire you in the planning of your own weddings.  I dont claim to be any kind of expert and I dont want you to think this is the only or definitive way to plan your dayyour wedding is yours and should be totally subjective and organic process.  For a wedding to be defined as’Rock n Roll you dont have to be uber cool, you dont have to be out-there’, you dont have to go crazy – you just have to be you.  My choices and experiences will be different to yours and thats what makes Rock n Roll Weddings great!

So, lets start at the beginning with the engagement:

On our 5 year anniversary Gareth suggested we went to the river with a disposable bbq and wine which suited me fine as a) we were both broke and b) it was that really hot April of 2 years ago…remember?  It was boiling!  I literally had no idea what he had in store, but to cut a long story short; he got down on one knee, I was so shocked I forgot to say yes, fireworks went off (not planned, just a huge bloody coincidence) and I called my parents who already knew as the sneaky boy had already asked my Dads permission the day before.

Chances are that if you’re reading this youâ’ve probably already got this far and although my story is a lovely one (for me anyway, its probably not much help to you) there is a slim chance a poor, terrified potential groom-to-be is reading this, and if thats the case I have a few pieces of advice when it comes to popping that all important question.

1. Do it in private no one wants the most romantic (hopefully) moment of their life to be in front of a restaurant full of people

2. Avoid the whole ring in the cake thing two words, accidental ingestion

3. Have a ring whether itâ’s the ring or not doesn’t matter (Gareth chose the ring all by himself and I adore it, but some girls might want to choose their own youll know which to go for -“ youre the one who wants to marry her!) Basically, if she says yes (and Im sure she will!) she will want a ring to show off straight away!

4. Chill out.  The proposal (just like the wedding in fact) does not have to be the grandest of romantic gestures (it will be romantic and wonderful whatever you do.)  Even if you did it at your own house in front of the TV with a take away, believe me, you will blow her away.

Oh theres one thing you should know about my Rock n Roll blog posts (which I will most defiantly continue over here) I like to illustrate each post with images-it just breaks up all the words!  So here’s me and my Gareth on our engagement shoot in Soho, London.  If you have the opportunity to do an engagement shoot I cant recommend it enough, especially if youre not used to being in front of the camera not only will you get some great photographs of you and you fiance, but you’ll get to practice all your best poses for the wedding day!


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