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Welcome BagsWelcome BagsWelcome BagsWelcome BagsWelcome BagsWelcome Bags


Wedding planner Zoe Lingard tells us about a unique idea which is guaranteed to make your guests feel even more welcome at your wedding as well as making the event all the more memorable…

One trend I’m seeing a lot this season & one that is especially popular if guests are coming from across the globe is providing ‘welcome bags’. These bags (or boxes if you like) are placed in guests’ hotel rooms and filled with goodies to help your nearest and dearest feel at home.

I love, love, love welcome bags as: they’re a great way of injecting some personality into your celebrations; possible to produce on small and large budgets alike and another chance to thank guests for attending your celebrations. Bags can be as simple or as fancy as you like with ribbons, tissue paper, personalised motifs and name-tags, and can contain anything you fancy. Below are a few of my ideas:


An information card outlining your celebration’s itinerary, local points of interest, the hotel’s facilities and a map

A short ‘thank you for attending our day’ note

A bottle of mineral water

A bottle of your favourite essential oil

A compilation CD of your favourite music

A copy of your favourite childhood storybooks

A face pack

A half bottle of wine

A luxurious shower cream, bubble bath and/or body lotion

A miniature can of hair spray

A miniature deodorant/body spray

A scented candle

A sleep mask or cooling eye mask

A small medical kit including plasters, paracetamol/ibuprofen and a hangover cure

Bags of your favourite candy

Bottles of Elderflower presse, ginger beer and/or pink lemonade

Facial tissues, wet wipes, nail files and safety pins


Fresh fruit

High quality chocolates

High quality tea and ground coffee

Jars of locally produced honey, jam or chutney

Locally produced biscuits and/or cheese

Sachets of insect repellent and sun cream


Photos – Steve Gerrard Photography

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