About Us

I’m a photographer who shoots weddings, portraits, bands & other random stuff, most of which gets featured on my own blog.

I have a crush on a gorgeous Canadian girl called Evelyne. I cleverly tricked her into marrying me. We made some little people called Elliott, Isaac & Jonas.



Steve GerrardI love Daddies brown sauce, dark chocolate, Pearl Jam, scuba diving, direct flights, Jack Daniel’s but only with coke, countryside pubs, funky hotels, Alan Partridge, travelling in Asia, Evelyne’s chicken pasta, can-do people, Bose noise-cancelling headphones and the perfect cup of tea.
Through our work we discover other wedding suppliers who are doing something fantastic and creative and we can’t wait to tell our brides about them. In fact, we want to tell ALL brides about them! And so, Bridal Soup was born.


We’ve  created a place where we can show off our cool friends and hopefully find new ones, and at the same time we can let brides-to-be know about wedding stuff we love. We’ll update it all the time but we’ll never feature anything that we wouldn’t want to see at our own weddings

Thanks for stopping by. Enjoy!






Claire – www.doubleyouweddings.com

Hey Hey, I’m Claire. A straight talking Geordie, clinging onto my youth, accent and free time by my finger tips (and all of it fading fast!). I have a penchant for retro and quirky, my cat Steve and Mr Doubleyou, and we’re soon to be joined in our West Midlands home by a little Doubleyou too. Eeeeek! I wish I was allowed a tattoo (but I’m never too old for a smack, according to my Mother). I’m what one would call a Wedding Junkie.


When me and Mr Doubleyou tied the knot back in 2011, I realised 2 things. 1. I’m pretty awesome at this wedding planning shizzle – if I do say so myself, it was a bloomin’ amazing day! – and 2. That no matter how much planning the bride does for the wedding, she definitely can’t control what happens on the day (and nor should she have to!). That was when I made a decision to set up Doubleyou Weddings & Events, to help other time-poor-but-fabulous couples out there to have the best day of their lives too, stress free! We’re a bespoke wedding planning consultancy working across the UK to assist budget savvy guys and gals made their wedding day the best one ever (you know, the one that everyone they know  secretly wishes they had…). I believe the wedding day should reflect the couple and their future life together, not just what people expect them to have….


When I’m not busying myself with the details of other peoples gorgeous weddings, I can be found on here generally perving over insanely cool wedding suppliers and sharing them with you!